Overcoming Procrastination: Harnessing Motivation for Productivity

Procrastination is something we all encounter—a universal part of being human. Whether it’s due to feeling overwhelmed, lacking motivation, or simply being out of the mood, we tend to postpone tasks. It’s crucial to recognize that procrastination isn’t a flaw in our character; it’s a coping mechanism, a habit we use to avoid uncomfortable or […]

Reality vs. Perception: The Key to Navigating Misunderstandings


“Life is a series of moments, coloured by our perspectives” You might have heard that “perception is reality”, and there is a lot of debate about it, whether it is true or not. This is because your perceptions can be true or can even be false and misleading. But there is something that is definitely […]

The Science of Stress Management: Strategies for a Peaceful Mind

The Science of Stress Management

In today’s fast-paced world, stress has become an almost inevitable part of our lives. Whether it’s work, family, finances, or even the daily commute, stress can manifest in various forms and take a toll on our physical and mental well-being. However, understanding the science of stress management can empower us with effective strategies to cultivate […]

Nurturing Love: The Vital Role of Boundaries in Romantic Relationships

The term “boundary” comes from the Old French word “bonde”, which means “limit.” Boundaries can be either invisible or, in some cases, marked by visible lines. They serve as a demarcation point where one entity concludes and another begins.  In this blog, I will discuss the role of boundaries in maintaining healthy relationships. Different Types […]

The Power of Perception: How Your Mind Shapes Your Reality 

You might have heard a lot of people say that “perception is reality”. So, what does this mean? This simply means that whatever we think of ourselves, others, and situations can shape our reality. Let us understand this with an example: when shopping online, you read customer reviews to make informed decisions. A product may […]

What is the Role of Boundaries in Maintaining Happy Relationships

Are you also someone who cannot say “no” to anyone? And this people-pleasing trait is harming your mental health and making you feel stressed, tired, burned out, and there is some feeling of rage for yourself? I can totally understand what you might be feeling right now. Hello, I am Aishwarya Tharoor, a clinical psychologist, […]

5 Roadblocks on the Path to Your Goals (And How to Conquer Them)

Everyone has dreams. Dreams fuel our passion and give our lives purpose. We all set out with big aspirations, from scaling the corporate ladder to publishing a best-selling novel, our aspirations drive us and give our lives purpose. Yet, as passionately as we chase these dreams, often there are unseen obstacles that trip us up […]